Mold Abatement

mold2Many building owners believe that as long as they do not see any visible signs of mold, their environment is free of contamination. What they don’t realize, however, is that large accumulations of (hidden or concealed) mold may be growing in areas that they cannot see, like air ducts, remote attic or basement spaces, or wall cavities. Left to multiply, these infestations may produce enough organic compounds to cause allergic reactions, sickness.

Even if mold in your house doesn’t cause you any medical problems it could still establish itself in the structure of building cause dry rot. Dry rot can result in a property owner’s nightmare. Dry rot forms when the mold1mold dies causing the wood dry out and then shrink, causing the wood to break up into irregular chunks. Cracks in the wood fiber then act like straws, siphoning up moisture and carrying it to undamaged portions of the wood. Left unchecked, this process keeps recurring, continually rotting more wood, and can cause severe structural damage.

Global pacific specializes in performing mold remediation and removal services for residential, commercial and industrial properties call today if you suspect you have a problem.